New album: Why Bother? || Lovers And Addicts

Is it a coincidence that great music emerges from a small town (Mason City, Iowa) located a mere ten miles from where Buddy Holly’s fatal airplane crash occured?

Mason City’s finest Why Bother? is a band that surfaced when Tremendo Garaje (“one of YouTube’s most obsessive gateways into contemporary underground punk music) put “Punk on the Plains” compilations on their channel – curated by Why Bother? drummer Paul. The other two members of the band: Terry (Vocals & Synth) & Speck (Guitar).

Lovers And Addicts follows A Year of Mutations (2021), which compiled the best material from the first four Why Bother EPs. Lovers And Addicts is all new songs, including three covers of The Heartbreakers, Suicide Commandos and BEEX – Tuesday Morning (BEEX) is my favorite of the three.

On Lovers And Addicts, Why Bother? present their own exciting take on the classic midwestern punk. That take harbours hints of postpunk, Jack Oblivianesque vocal melodies and synth licks that add an eerie sci-fi feel to (some of) the songs. Check out the standout Don’t Ask Me Why, which displays all of the strenghts of Why Bother? From there on, this record is quite the trip. I’d recommend it!

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