New single: Ingrates || Kickin’ Down The Doors! b/w Learn To Love It

Late last year, Ingrates katapulted themselves on my Singles of the year list with their debut single. The single had the marks of the Good Vibrations label all over it, with equal parts energy, catchiness and loudness. Today, Ingrates release their second single, with which they have about secured a spot on my 2022 single list.

The single opens with Kickin’ Down The Door which has the build-up of an Exploding Hearts song with some massive and very effective hooks. It’s a song I’ll be playing a lot this year. On the flip side, there’s Learn To Love It, a ’70s glammy stomper of a song that sees the band broadening their horizons. What’s not to like?

Recorded as a duo, the Southern Californians are putting a full band together to get their show on the road. More good news: Ingrates will be releasing their third single in a couple of months, slowly working themselves to have enough songs for a singles collection on LP.

Oh, and about that killer single from last year? No Norms Records (Watertown, MA) is currently putting the band’s first single on a 7″. WANT! Hopefully a label will put this sophomore single out as well.

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