New album: Klazo || ‘Demik Dementia

And now for something complete PUNK…meet London (Ontario) duo Klazo! When Josh Rutledge calls a record the best punk to come out of 2022 yet, you bet I’m all ears.

Josh wasn’t lying. ‘Demik Dementia is an 11-song old school punk grenade that will blast your speakers and get your blood pumping. The record sounds like it was recorded live and in one manic take. It’s intense, it’s unhinged and, due to the sweet melodies buried somewhere underneath, it’s a blast.

To top it all off, Klazo closes the record with a killer cover of Jaguar Ride by Electric Eels. What’s not to like?!

‘Demik Dementia is out now on Big Neck Records and No Front Teeth.

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