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Aliens, ghosts, horror and science fiction are popular themes in music. This month there are excellent releases from The Incomprehensible Static (Transmitting Live From The Future) and Lookit, Martians! (Space Boogie) on these themes, and it was pointed out to me that I overlooked Alfredo Ghosts‘ self-titled debut album when it came out late October. The Seattle-based four-piece say they play paranormal rock ‘n’ roll with an extraterrestrial sound. In practice that means they mix 70’s garage rock, glam and punk with 60’s surf rock and doo-wop, and sing about unidentified flying objects, the attack of the mothman or a graveyard on the moon. “Our debut album questions the strange and the unexplained and captures the exciting energy of our live performances,” is how Alfredo Ghosts’ Eric Baumgartner sums it up aptly. The musicians are enthusiastic and their songs energetic, raucous, unpredictable and theatrical – actually entertaining and pretty good. For example, watch the video for the standout Ballad of Betty and Barney Hill, about the alien abduction story of the American couple. Alfredo Ghosts let you live a wild, otherworldly experience.

Alfredo Ghosts is out digitally, on cassette and CD via Youth Riot Records.

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