New single: Tim Knol || Wandering Heart

Dutch singer-songwriter Tim Knol has played countless gigs in all corners of his home country in recent years. When the concert halls were closed during the pandemic, he even started a hiking club, to walk to deserted places with fellow hikers, for open-air performances. On his new single Wandering Heart he wanted to sing about his car rides home – reminiscing about the bravos – after shows, for which he found inspiration in the 70’s Americana and rock music that he likes to listen to on the road himself. That was a pretty good idea, with a successful execution: what a wonderful guitar song this is – folky power pop with appealing lyrics, a memorable melody, and a nice addition of handclaps and harmonica. It is the first, promising single from Tim Knol’s fifth studio album, which is expected in 2022.

Wandering Heart is out now on 7″ vinyl through Excelsior Recordings.

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