New album: Various Artists || …And Out Come The Lawsuits

Question: What is best punk record of the nineties? If you are like me, Rancid’s 1995 classic …And Out Come The Wolves likely is the first (or one of the first) to come to mind. To celebrate the 256th anniversary of the record, two Californialabels have teamed up and invited local bands to cover the record in full. Here is the result, a front-to-back reimagination of the record: …And Out Come The Lawsuits. For a record where the originals admittedly leave hardly any room for improvement, I’m thoroughly enjoying these covers. Most of the songs stay true to the originals, but some bands completely deconstruct their song to create something new – with mixed results. But overall, this compilation is a blast, and additional evidence of just how good these songs by Rancid are, and forever will be.

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