New album: Pink Chameleons || Peace & Love

Paltsa-Kai Salama starred in Black Lizard and now in Pink Chameleons, for which he wrote songs with titles like Spacedog and Horsewalk. I don’t know where this fascination for strange animals comes from, but his music changes sound just as easily as a chameleon changes color. The singer / guitarist / keyboardist, together with Antti Sauli (bass) and Kimmo Godtfredsen (drums / percussion), play Stooges-like garage rock, but the Finnish band mixes this with psych, shoegaze, country and blues influences, and they don’t shy away from a saxophone solo. “They’re gonna get you, you gotta see them”, they sing in Run and Hide – the same goes for Pink Chameleons. Their full-length debut album Peace & Love is out now digitally via Soliti.

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