New album: Brandon Agnew & The Pocket 4’s || Mave’s Variety

After the release of his EP Nola in 2010, Brandon Agnew started to devote his time to more important things, just like so many other artists who cannot make a full living from their music. However, the COVID-19 crisis also turned the life of the Canadian singer / singwriter upside down. He reconnected with an old musician friend during the pandemic and realized there may not be a better period to make new songs. Together with some friends called The Pocket 4’s, he booked a studio weekend to record ten self-written tracks for the (digital) album Mave’s Variety, which is surprisingly fun. If Jonathan Richman played blues rock, it would sound something like this.

“Patti Smith don’t mess around, baby // Jane Jacobs don’t mess around, too // When they shimmy cross they shimmy cross the crosswalk // Who they aiming for? They’re aiming for you”

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