New single: The Fire Swords || That’s Kinda Kita (and there’s also a 3 O’Clock Rock compilation album)

Three O’Clock Rock is an after-school and summer rock & roll music program for kids and adults in Oakland, California. Students form bands, play shows, make records, and even go on tour. Today they are releasing their 3 O’Clock Rock at Sam Phillips recording Services, Memphis, TN album, digitally and on 12″ vinyl. This LP features original songs by 3 O’Clock Rock artists as well as cover songs by artists who recorded in Memphis. Not all played equally tight and often a bit off key, but all much fun, raw and primitive, with full dedication, as it should be in this kind of music. Listen below.

However, 3 O’Clock Rock has produced more fun music not found on this compilation album. That’s Kinda Kita is the debut release by The Fire Swords from Oakland, CA – an ode to their dog: ‘Kita does tricks // She knows how to sits’. This song by Aiden (guitar / vocals), DJ (drums), and Billy (bass / vocals) is so catchy that it has been singing around in my head for weeks. These kids may be young, but they rock!

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