Shorter, Faster, Louder (Monthly Hardcore Wrap-Up) || Changes, Slant, Central, Alien Nosejob, Electric Chair, Taqbir

Though the majority of my posts are punk and garage leaning, I also listen to music that push the boundaries and expectations of this blog. I am talking about music that is a bit more extreme in terms of length, speed, and loudness. It’s the kind of music that may scare or disturb some, or met with plain disinterest by others, but I believe are still worth checking oout. Each month I wrap-up those releases in one post. It definitely is an  international bunch this time, with bands from Malaysia, Australia, South-Korea, Morocco, Russia and the US. Click on read more to check them out.

Changes || Hidup
Is there a word more entrenched in hardcore than ‘change’? Although their name may be generic, don’t underestimate the furious hardcore of this hardcoreband from a small town in Malaysia.

Slant || 1집 
Debut LP by this Seoul (South-Korea) band on Iron Lung Records. Musically, this has an early 80’s american hardcore feel, even with some youth crew elements. Singer Yeji, who tattoos serene flowers and butterflies in her day job, sounds extremely pissed off. It’s pretty great.

Central || Время
Old school hardcore from Russia? I’ll take it! Central go for that ’90 youth crew style of bands like Floorpunch. The only downside of this one is that it’s kind of hard to point your finger and sing along if you don’t speak Russian.

Alien Nosejob || Hc45-2

Alien Nosejob is the alter ego of Alien Nosejob. That is no typo. Usually, the Aussie band play noisy punk with pop sensibilities. But sometimes, they play criminally loud hardcore from outer space, that keeps eluding the authorities, likely due to its sound barrier breaking speed. Same band, different sound. Both are pretty cool, if you ask me.

Electric Chair || Social Capital

Third Iron Lung Records in this wrap up  and this may be my favorite. Electric Chair play fast and mean in your facehardcorepunk

Taqbir || Taqbir

Female fronted hardcorepunk from Morocco(!) that feels dangerous and sounds awesome.

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  1. Just found your blog a week or so ago. Loving it and look forward to checking back every day for new content. Thanks for all the great recommendations. I cruise Bandcamp and elsewhere for any and all things tagged punk, garage, hardcore, etc, but your selections match my tastes. Thank you!! If you know of any other blogs/sites I should check out, I’d love to hear about them.

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