New album: Brent Seavers || BS Stands For

Brent Seavers plays in The Decibels, not to be confused with The dB’s. He just released a solo LP called BS Stands For, which, of course is a nod to the dB’s classic album Stands For Decibels. Well played, Brent.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about BS Stands For, because it’s a record that fans of powerpop should definitely give a spin. Whereas The Decibels play their powerpop at a faster pace and move into classic pop punk territory (and they do that really well!), Seaver opts for a classic powerpop sound on BS Stands For; a sound that is reminiscent of Paul Collins (listen to My Little Girl), The Romantics (I Wrote A Song), and more recently John Paul Keith (Flatline). It’s upbeat, instantly likeable, and just plain fun. BS Stands For is an explicit, yet heartfelt love letter to powerpop just waiting to be picked up and answered by powerpop fans over the planet.

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