New album: Melissa Carper || Daddy’s Country Gold

This is an album that not everyone will appreciate. To be honest, I was a bit confused myself when I put it on (this sounds like music from long before I was born, why is it on the list with new releases? whose voice is this? why don’t I hear a blend of country and jazz more often? are those goats in the distance?), but it did intrigue me, so I kept listening and it turned out to be pretty good. And brand new! Daddy’s Country Gold is a collection of 12 original songs about love and a desire for the simple life, by singer / songwriter / upright bassist / wayfarer Melissa “Daddy” Carper, recorded in Nashville. It combines melancholy and humor and sound both musically and vocally like a mix of Dolly Parton and Billie Holiday. This is one for late at night, when you sip a glass of whiskey, something else that not everyone will appreciate, with dimmed light. The album is out now digitally, on CD and on vinyl LP through Mae Music.

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Bonus: Below you can see Melissa Carper (bass) perform the songs Makin’ Memories with Brennen Leigh (guitar, harmony) and Jeff Taylor (piano), and Back When with Sierra Ferrell (guitar, harmony), and Rebecca Patek (fiddle).


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