New album: Bobby Ramone || Rocket To Kingston

“Imagine that in the late 70s, Bob Marley crossed paths with the Ramones at the CBGB counter and they decided to make a record together. Here is the result: 10 rasta classics with punk rock sauce 1-2-3-4!” When I read this introduction to Bobby Ramone’s Rocket To Kingston and saw the album cover, I hoped it would be fun yet feared it would sound terrible. Two songs in, I just had to share this with you, because THIS IS FREAKIN’ FUN and well executed. I’d never expect that I could enjoy songs like Get Up Stand Up, Stir it Up, and One Love this much. Even the song titles get the Ramones treatment, as they are now called I Don’t Wanna Stand Up, Stirring In My Room, and Today One Love, Tomorrow The World. What’s not to like? Vinyl available at Guerilla Asso.

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8 thoughts on “New album: Bobby Ramone || Rocket To Kingston”

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  2. How do i find info on how this was recorded? I want to know what’s sampled and what’s not. How were the rights to songs handled? I f-ing love this sooooo much i want to know everything!

  3. Okay. I’ve checked with the label. Unfortunately, Bobby Ramone is not around anymore. We will have to do with the information on the back of the LP.

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