GIMME 5! || Fievre Share Five Essential Punk Releases From Argentina

Add to Wantlist is all about finding that next musthave record for (y)our collection. There are of course many ways to achieve this. We all have trusted record labels, record stores, music blogs, reviewers and playlist curators. With Gimme 5! we take a peek into the collections of artists we admire. The premise is simple: artists WE like, share 5 records THEY love. Sometimes this will be all time-favorites, but the top 5 can also be more genre-, scene-, theme- or region-specific.

To kick things off, we asked our new favorite Argentinian punk band Fievre to introduce us into a scene that, in all honesty, is unknown territory to us. Fievre singer Chelo (left on photo above) was so kind to share his 5 essential Argentinian punk records. Click below to see it. Chelo added words and video’s to his favorite song off each record. We added Discogs links to enable easy adding to your wantlist – which I already did for four out of five of the releases on this list. Thanks Chelo!

Chelo (Fievre): “There are many very good Argentine punk bands, so it is difficult to choose only 5. That is why I decided on 5 bands that have been with me since I was a child and that I think are essential or at least they were for me.”

1. 2 Minutos || Valentín Alsina (1994)
“The band’s first album. Neighborhood punk screaming at the whole world about the injustices that were experienced in those times in the country (it still sounds current today). Songs about the working class, against the political class and the police.”

2. Attaque 77 || Amén (1995)

“Fourth studio album. After their years with a more “Ramonero” sound and the success of sales and popularity within the Argentine punk with their album “El cielo puede esperar” from 1991, the band decides to follow a more punk and combative course at the sound and lyrics level. Which is consolidated with the album Amén!, and it’s also the studio debut of the new stage of the band with 2 guitars.”

3. Cadena Perpetua || Largas Noches (2000)

“Third album of the band. After 2 albums with a lot of fury in their songs they decide to get into a more melodic sound and more personal lyrics, without abandoning their essence. There’s no doubt this album was a great growth for them.”

4. Flema || El Exceso… (1994)

“Nihilistic punk poetry by Ricky Espinosa, songs that are undoubtedly one of the band’s greatest hits and where he talks about all his emotions and thoughts. Songs with which you could feel identified as a punk teenager in those days.”

5. Expulsados || 24 hs en el cine (2002)

“After their first two albums (“Expulsados” -1999- and “Carretera Nocturna” -2000-) which are 2 classic albums of the Argentine ramone punk style, I choose their third album, in which the band has finished establishing itself within the national punk scene.”

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